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Gifts to Buy For the Graduate

Graduating from college is a huge milestone and one that's worth celebrating. If you're invited to a college graduation party, it's a great idea to bring the new grad a helpful gift that they can use as they start the next phase of adulthood. Use this guide to choose a great gift for the graduate in your life.

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Throwing a Budget Graduation Bash

Graduation: Throwing a Budget Graduation Bash

Graduation is a huge milestone in your child’s life. What better way to commemorate this accomplishment than with a graduation party? Celebrating with your closest friends and family is a great way to show your child how proud you are of them, whether it be for college or high school. Need party ideas that won’t break the bank? Throw a budget party using our tips below!

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How to Avoid Student Loans

Heading to College? Here’s How to Avoid Student Loans

You can’t put a price on a great education, but you also don’t want to be bogged down by debt for your entire life. In today’s society, student loan debt is a common and seemingly unavoidable burden that 71% of college-age kids – that’s 1.3 million young people all over the country – take on every year. College is expensive, $10,000-$35,000 a year on average, but there are ways you can reduce or even eliminate the amount of student loan debt you accrue.

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