What Causes Bad Credit?

What Causes Bad Credit?

What Causes Bad Credit?

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Bad credit is currently a major financial issue for many Americans. However, bad credit can be avoided if the right steps are taken when making credit driven decision. It is important to identify exactly what will impact your credit score negatively. AmeriCash has identified the top 3 problems that can lead to bad credit scores.

Credit Card Debt
With the use of credit cards increasing, the amount of card users who cannot fully pay off their cards increases as well. Credit card companies charge monthly fees once an outstanding bill is not paid. The Interest fees will continue to rise as long as the complete balance is not covered. This can lead card users to become over whelmed by the financial burden. Inevitably card owner may be unable to pay off their outstanding balance. The outcome of these situations contributes directly to a negative change in credit score.

Delayed Bill Payment
 While missing a bill payment by a few days may not seem like a big deal. It can lower your credit score if delayed payments happen repeatedly. Many companies also charge high interest rates on overdue bills which, in hand causes your bill amount to go up.

Surpassing Available Credit
Making large purchases on a credit card without knowing your exact remaining credit line will overdraft your available credit or savings. Along with creating bad credit over drawing will cause an increase in monthly fees and charges.

If you already have a bad credit score or no credit score at all AmeriCash Loans can help! Unlike many other lenders AmeriCash does not require credit checks. No matter your credit history AmeriCash Loans may be able to get you as much as $2500 in cold hard cash! All you will need when applying for an AmeriCash Loan is your current proof of income, consistent income for 3 months, and proof of you current residency. So just remember if you have bad credit don’t sweat it just use AmeriCash Loans!
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