What Not to Get Dad for Father's Day

What Not to Get Dad for Father's Day

What Not to Get Dad for Father's Day

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When it comes to buying great gifts for your family, your father is probably the hardest person to shop for. When Father's Day rolls around every June, you likely find yourself scrambling at the last minute, wondering what your old man wants or needs. While we can't tell you exactly what the right present is for your dad, we can provide you with a list of things almost no father really wants.

Ties are such a cliché gift at this point that you should already know not to get them for your dad for Father's Day. If he wears ties to work, he's already got a collection, including fancy and novelty ties. While you're at it, avoid a present of socks or underwear, too.

Novelty Items
Novelty items may seem fun, but after you've looked at them for a few minutes they don't serve much purpose. These items include everything from singing fish to graphic tees with declarations about how much he loves beer or bacon. Maybe the rare goofy dad will love it but 99.9 percent of these gifts will end up in a closet or basement.

Gadgets He Doesn't Need
No matter how useful the home shopping networks and late-night infomercials make them look, Dad probably doesn't need any gadgets that claim to make life easier for him. Many of them don't work well, last long, or make things any easier at all. If your dad needs or wants a gadget that helps with a specific task, do some homework and find something he could really use. 

Grilling Paraphernalia
Like ties, grilling gadgets are a Father's Day go-to. Cookbooks, utensils, and silly aprons have been gifted to fathers for years. The problem is they often end up in the closet next to the singing fish. If your dad's a grill master, he probably already has everything he needs. If he's not, he may see your gift as telling him he doesn't do enough cooking. 

"World's Best Dad" Anything
Unless you're under the age of 12, buying your dad a mug, plaque, or shirt with the phrase ''World's Best Dad'' on it is a copout. Look for something more original, and leave those kinds of gifts to the grand kids.

Gift Cards to Places He Doesn't Go
Gift cards can be perfect gifts for people who are hard to shop for or for gift givers who don't have a lot of time to shop. But if you buy one for your dad, make sure it's to a place he actually likes. Don't get him an Amazon card if he doesn't get online, and don't get him a card for a clothing store if your mother buys all his clothing.

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