Gift Ideas to Make Father’s Day a Memorable One

Gift Ideas to Make Father’s Day a Memorable One

Gift Ideas to Make Father’s Day a Memorable One

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Father’s Day 2022 is only a couple of months away (June 19th), so there’s never been a better time to get a head start on your dad's special gift. The holiday provides everyone with a yearly opportunity to show their appreciation for their father through a thoughtful celebration.
All dads want to spend quality time with their kids, so here are a few recreational gift ideas that you can plan for this Father’s Day.

A Tent

 Most dads love unplugging from their devices and immersing themselves in the wilderness from time to time. If this sounds like your dad, a new tent or other camping gear will bring him endless joy. Depending on the size of your family or his camping squad, consider a tent for four, six, or ten people. These tents range from $50 to $150.

Fishing Gear

 Going fishing with your dad is a great way to connect and catch up on what’s been going on in both of your lives. If you have regular fishing trips with your father, perhaps a new spinning rod (59.99) or gear would make an unforgettable (and exceedingly practical gift). A utility tackle box ($7) is also a must-have item for avid fishers.

Pickleball Paddle Set

 Move over tennis; pickleball is taking over all of the courts. Buying your beloved dad a pickleball paddle set with balls and a portable storage bag will hopefully spark a new hobby that you can do together. The TICCI set from Amazon (costs around $50) comes in 10 different colors.

Bocce Ball Set

 Bocce is a very entertaining game ideal for playing at the park or in your backyard. After gifting your dad a basic bocce ball set from Amazon ($40.09), he’ll be begging you to play with him every chance he gets. It’s an engaging and fun activity for all ages and skill levels at summer BBQs and parties.

A Beer Fridge

 If your dad isn’t overly athletic or outdoorsy and spends a lot of his time in a “man cave,” a beer fridge is the perfect gift as he’ll never have to sip on a lukewarm brew again. To take the impressiveness of this gift a step further, visit his favorite brewery with him and pick up a six-pack of the tastiest beer. Bed Bath & Beyond offers budget-friendly beer fridge options ($59.99) and more expensive models ($279).

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