In Bloom: Simple Gardening Tips for the Beginner With a Green Thumb

In Bloom: Simple Gardening Tips for the Beginner With a Green Thumb

In Bloom: Simple Gardening Tips for the Beginner With a Green Thumb

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Gardening in the warm summer sunshine is a favorite pastime for many people, especially those with a large yard or planting boxes on their patio. But if you’d consider yourself a gardening “newbie,” there are a few tips for starting a garden that you should keep in mind.

Study the areas of your yard or outdoor space

Because certain plants do well in high-sun or shady areas, it’s crucial to pay attention to the sunny and shady spots in your yard. For example, lavender requires a lot of sunlight, whereas bleeding hearts and hostas prefer the shade.
The sun hits different areas of your outdoor space throughout the day, so before purchasing many plants, take note of your yard’s sunniest and shadiest spots.

Consider a cherry blossom tree

There are few more beautiful and striking things than a cherry blossom in the summer. These types of trees require plenty of sunlight and soil that’s been adequately fertilized. Because they grow to be extremely large, it’s recommended that you provide the cherry blossom tree with 10 to 20 feet of growing room.

Stock up on the right tools

One cannot be efficient in the garden without the proper tools, including a shovel, pruning shears, trowel, cultivator, and durable gloves. To make things easier for you, gardening stores and department stores typically carry garden toolkits filled with all of the essential items.

Create a comfortable seating space

This is one of the best landscape design tips, as you’ll be able to enjoy the area that you’ve created thoroughly. You can spend hours immersed in your beautiful garden by making space for a small hammock or table and chairs.

Keep pests out of the greenhouse

If you’re looking for greenhouse tips and tricks, one of the most important things you can do is keep the pesky bugs away. This includes installing insect screens on the air intakes so that they cannot enter the greenhouse. It’s also essential to keep pets out of your garden and greenhouse as they can transport diseases or insects to your plants.
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