Self-Care for the Teacher Returning to the Classroom

Self-Care for the Teacher Returning to the Classroom

Self-Care for the Teacher Returning to the Classroom

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Self-care is an integral part of living. Unfortunately, too many people spend most of their time caring for others while ignoring their needs. This is especially true for teachers and anyone involved in education! Typically, teachers put a lot of physical and mental effort into showing up for their colleagues and students, spending all their free time and money helping the children in their classrooms.
Showing up is a beautiful and noble gesture, and this is all the more reason why self-care needs to be considered and implemented in their lives. If you are a teacher, it is time to think about how to treat yourself better, starting today!

What is Self-Care?

So, what is self-care anyways? Self-care is simply the act of taking care of yourself. Self-care considers and regularly fulfills your physical, mental, and emotional needs. There are many ways to do this. First and foremost, you should get enough sleep, eat well, and be mindful of proper hygiene and exercise.
Many people often skip those essential but fundamental steps of self-care. However, this is not all that self-care is about. At the heart of self-care is doing whatever is necessary, small and big things, to make yourself happy. This can include taking the time to stream videos, read a book (for fun, not classroom prep – reading may be a top teacher requirement, but try to do it for pleasure once in a while), take a bubble bath, going for a walk or treat yourself in some other way.

Treats can be significant and small. For instance, You can get small treats by stopping at a local bakery or candy shop for a snack or picking up a coffee or a cup of tea after a long day of teaching and learning! Mid-sized treats can be things like going to the store and picking up that outfit you have been eyeing or spending money on a fine dining experience.

We have not talked about big treats yet. Let’s get back to you for a second. They say some cornerstones for teachers are listening, communication and empathy. How well do you do that with yourself and your needs? You probably are not listening to what you want enough, so you will sometimes need to treat yourself well! What that means can differ from teacher to teacher, educator to educator. However, travel is one thing that comes to mind for most people. Travel could be as simple as going to a big city to catch a show, traveling a little further to a bed and breakfast, and doing some weekend shopping or planning a more extensive trip. Disney, Paris, New York, L.A., Ireland, Australia, Toronto. The journey and destination do not matter as much as enjoying the trip, caring for yourself, and your needs.
Put yourself first for once!

Commit To a New Self-Care Routine

As mentioned above, self-care can combine free activities, treats, and splurges you allow yourself to enjoy. If you want extra cash at your disposal to ensure you can always take the additional steps in self-love, you can get a same-day installment loan through AmeriCash today! This loan can help you pay for all your self-care, self-love, and me time needs!
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